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Design and Development Services

Digital Design

General designing services for your needs. Want a cool website, stunning app, dashboard or something else? You are at the right place.


Designed and coded WordPress website. Custom theme made just for you. Gutenberg, Elementor, ACF or something else. I do it all.

Custom Design

Want something special. Out of this world :) Not a problem. Design solution for your needs will be found.


Krstatzardesign is a design agency run by work-hardened designer and web developer Vladan Krstic.

The idea is to offer the entire solution under one roof. Get the design you always wanted and get it coded to HTML or WordPress theme in no time.

Although the design revolves around the web, Krstatzardesign offers other solutions for your dashboards, apps, presentations....

Conventional concepts or totally off the wall solutions, it is up to you.


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